Welcome to GarageSale.ws 


Hi there!  My name is Dave Gardner (that's a picture of me below!) and I am in the middle of not wanting to and almost having to move!

My wife was a full time Special Education teacher who recently changed jobs to become an Early Intervention specialist for children with special needs.  The problem is it is taking time building a case load of clients that will get her back a comparible salary with us being able to make it through the grind of monthly bills.

You know exactly what I am talking about don't you!

I have been involved in online marketing for a couple years now, in addition to being a full time HS science teacher, a modified lacrosse coach and most recently this winter a varsity bowling coach. I have been putting my time...lots of it to be exact, into learning the ropes online and going from a newbie to a pre-alpha where I am starting to be the advice giver now.

So how the heck does this relate to a Garage Sale?  Well, as I stated above, I am in the middle of not wanting to and almost having to move.  If I have it my way, we would stay in the house we bought almost 4 years ago.  Truth be told, it has been a struggle each year to pay those bills and I am probably preaching to the choir on that one as many of you might be experiencing the same scenarios right now, considering the economy we are in.

So I decided to have a Garage Sale, so to speak, online with many of the materials that have built up over the years in my mind and on my computer.  This is going to help me save my house, or pay off the new one, as well as help you in your quest to learn the ins and outs of becoming an online marketer.

With desparate times, come desparate measures as I make this site live and my wife wants to sell quick and move quick....All I can think of are the hastles involved in the process.  The packing, the tearing down wallpaper and ripping rugs out of a new home, the painting and cosmetic fixes that need to take place...You can see it now and have experienced it already, haven't you!

So I want to give you a lot and am only asking for a little in return to help my family stay in our house.  I am doing this as a quick set up, so forgive me for the lack of flashy graphics and video!  What I have to offer is what is important here

Here is what you will get when you help me out today! 

1) Weekly Improvement Volume 1: I am releasing this soon as a membership site that retails for as much as $27 a month!  You will get FREE Lifetime access to this!  This is a over $250 in value.


Week 1- Boost Your Confidence

Week 2- How to manage and conquer depression

Week 3- Goal Realization Made easy

Week 4- I can therefore I will

Week 5- Secrets of a happy marriage revealed

Week 6- The Obesity terminator

Week 7- Sweet Sleep right now

Week 8- Speed Reading Monster Course

Week 9- Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

Week 10- The Wealth Express

Week 11- Super Tactics of Time Management Experts

Week 12- Hypnosis Mania

Week 13- How to get rid of Panic and Anxiety for good

Week 14- Body Language magic

Week 15- How to be a public speaking superstar

Week 16- How to conquer Difficult People

Week 17- How to be an ace athlete

Week 18- 12 Winning Leadership Qualities

Week 19- Spanish Language Speed Learning Course

Week 20- Steps to a longer-Healthier Live

Week 21- How to Command and Master your emotions

Week 22- Muscle Sculpting Secrets

Week 23- How to be a champion negotiator

Week 24- How to dominate your fears and phobias

Week 25- Unleash the Creative new you

Week 26- The Wonderful Power of Charisma

Week 27- Personality Makeover Reinvent Yourself

Week 28- How to fill your life with unlimited abundance

Week 29- Revolutionary Positive Thinking

Week 30- Amazing Secrets of organizing time and space

Week 31- How to find true happiness and keep it forever

Week 32- Assertiveness- The art of getting your way nicely

Week 33- Laugh Factor- how to develop your sense of humor

Week 34- Detoxify your life- Eliminating Bad Habits

Week 35- How to exploit your brains unlimited power

Week 36- Living a Fulfilling single life


2) Weekly Improvement Volume 2: I am releasing this soon as a membership site that retails for as much as $27 a month!  You will get FREE Lifetime access to this! This is a over $250 in value.


Week 1- Smart Parenting-Raising Happy Children

Week 2-Wipeout stress in record time

Week 3- Hold that thought-How to stay focused

Week 4- Selling your way to your first million-become a top notch salesperson

Week 5- No More Shyness-Enhance your relationships and social life

Week 6- Finding Your Dream Work from home job

Week 7- Hidden powers of universal laws

Week 8- Finding Someone Special Online

Week 9- Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results

Week 10- Office Politics- How to navigate and stay afloat

Week 11- How to defeat procrastination

Week 12- Cheat Proof Your Marriage without a detective

Week 13- How to be your own Psychiatrist

Week 14- Parenting your Pre-teen

Week 15- Ripping Loose-Calming Down- A guide to anger Management

Week 16- NLP For beginners- Idiot Proof Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Week 17- Creative Visualization-Getting what you want in life

Week 18- Natural healing wonders to enhanced health and well being

Week 19- Set your motivation on Fire

Week 20- Power of Mind Mapping

Week 21- Discover and Unleash your power-How to make your thoughts a reality

Week 22- Energy unlimited-Building energy amidst stress and anxiety

Week 23- Dream job in a handshake- How to ace your Interview

Week 24- Overcoming addiction to regain control of your life

Week 25- How to be a master communicator-Speak effectively in any situation

Week 26- Ignite your metabolism to the fast track

Week 27- Persuasive copywriting secrets

Week 28- How to plan a memorable wedding

Week 29- Speak out- Guide to impressive speeches

Week 30- How to earn an income with Freelance writing

Week 31- Get lean the easy way

Week 32- Earn a 6 figure income with your Own life coaching business

Week 33- Ensure your Dream Life with the law of attraction

Week 34- How to be a genius 


Get your membership site software ready to go.  This is the same program used by me for DownforceGuitar.com as well as many other sites out there today.  This was developed by Mike Filsaime.  You get the open source code here free where you can start your own membership sites with affiliate possibilities, viral tools and more.  It is suggested if you can invest a little to go forward with the Developers Network, which is a $200 investment, but Mike Filsaime has hooked you up with some killer bonuses as well if you decide to upgrade once there.


4)  A Mobile Landing page for your blog/website!

I just became an unlimited licensed user of the new Mobile LPS and I can set you up with a landing page for mobile devices.  Now this is some killer new technology and if you have ever tried to look at your site from a smart phone, you know not everything shows up like it should.  You want to allow people to access your stuff though ipads, iphones etc., so they look more professional and are sure to draw people in!  People are paying $300-$500 for this service, so like I said, this is killer!

5)  DVD of Speedy Profit Creator Mailed to your house!

Now who in their right mind would not want a physical product to show up at their door?  This DVD series completed by Omar Martin, shows you how to easily get set up online without having to spend endless hours searching for the right stepst to quickly get started with a product online.  This retails at a minimum, $27!

6) Free promotion on my website with a backlink to your site!

Whether you have a product ready to go, I will put your add on my website, http://CamillusAds.com add you into my newsletter, that I send to my subscribers and put you into my Facebook Fanpage for CamillusAds as well!  Backlinks are great to build, so why not take advantage of this!



Email me with questions today!  In the mean time, go below to save over 90% of the retail value of these products today and get this (and more) today for just $77!  Think of the time I have to put into all of this, the value you are going to get and the cost of the products themselves and you are getting a kick ass deal here anyway you look at it.